Robyn's Boutique Clothing Studio

Robyn Reynolds Clothing Studio Nelson

Robyn’s studio is located on Church Street in the heart of Nelson City, the sunshine capital of New Zealand. Known for its quirkiness, lively culture and a multitude of locally owned and operated businesses, Robyn has fit right in on Church Street, with the new studio location allowing her creative flair to flourish.

Robyn Reynolds Clothing Studio Nelson

A Unique and Memorable Shopping Experience

Previously located in a small studio on Bridge Street, also in central Nelson, Robyn had always set her sights higher, wanting more space to showcase her clothing line, her art, and other locally made products with the freedom to create a more inviting, relaxing, and memorable experience for each of her customers.

The new studio at 12A Church Street has provided Robyn with an incredible opportunity to expand and showcase more of her beautifully crafted and locally-designed garments. The studio now features a gallery of Robyn’s artwork, hundreds of garments in various colours and sizes, as well as space for Robyn and her seamstresses to work.

Friendly Faces to Help You Find Your Perfect Style

If you pop by the studio at the southern end of Church Street you’ll likely be greeted by two familiar smiling faces. Robyn opens the studio to the public six days a week, inviting you in to browse, try on, and buy garments to match each individual customer’s tastes. Robyn offers years of experience in the fashion industry with advise and styling tips uniquely tailored to every customer.

Robyn Reynolds Clothing Studio Nelson
Robyn Reynolds Clothing Studio Nelson

Take a Look for Yourself

Come and pay Robyn and the team a visit on your next trip to Nelson and fall in love with Robyn’s creative style, passion, and love for all things fashion. You’ll find Robyn at 12A Church Street Monday through Saturday. 

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